Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BEST SUMMER EVER - happening now!

Lettie Jane Rennekamp wants you to have the BEST SUMMER EVER, so she has masterminded an art show with her lovely painting and illustration skills, and series of events here at Emerson Space Case!

In her words, "BEST SUMMER EVER is the idea that if we all put a little energy towards having a good time and enjoying the sunshine, our short, special summers here in Portland might last a little longer, and the sun might shine a little more."

Here's the schedule of events, all of which take place on the sidewalk & in the garden at Emerson Space Case on NE 30th & Emerson.  We hope to see you there!

Thurs 8/25
6pm - 9pm
Come take refuge from the noise of Last Thursday!  Featuring homemade sausage by Jeff Garritano

LEMONADE STAND + gentle dog petting zoo
Saturday 8/27
noon to four
Bring the little ones for some lemonade and dog love.

Saturday 9/3
noon to four
We can wash some of the dirt and debris off people's bikes, pump up tires and grease chains (boy do I hate a squeaky chain). Possibility for other light maintenance.  We would welcome any maintenance help from folks who are bike savvy!

BAKE SALE / extravaganza
Saturday 9/10
noon to four
This is less a bake sale and more a bake extravaganza. It is more about making treats and sharing them with your friends. Bartering, tipping and donating are strongly encouraged as we don't want bakers to feel that they are wasting their time or resources. However, the main benefits of this event will be a GOOD TIME, hanging out and sharing snacks in the neighborhood.

Saturday 9/17
noon to four
The last event in this BEST SUMMER EVER showcase will depend on the participation and excitement of the preceding events. Amelia and I have hatched a couple of giant plans and we will be feeling them out with you guys as the events progress. I do know that this event will be rad and summery. Hopefully, if all our good energy is going to good use September 17th will be hot and sunny. We will announce this event at the BAKE SALE one week prior. 

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